Rare pull station acquired

I found this on eBay for a reasonable price, RARE AS F$&K.

Sweet! Chevrons are very nice looking. Most of them are rusty, dirty, and dusty but yours is in great condition! :smiley:

At first I thought it was a normal chevron, but when I saw that odd stripe on it… This explains that.

(it would have been even more rarer if it had the “mercury switch” used in early production chevrons pulls)

This pull was made in the 1990’s, and long after the discontinuation of the Mercury switches.

Apparently, finding any documentation on this particular pull station is almost near impossible to find, let’s hope simplex HQ has some context on this model.

Model is 2099-9781.

No, it’s not

You know, I presume it’s just your average, late 90’s Chevron Pull with a white stripe on it, probably a custom order (that if, Simplex took such custom orders), even if I know that seems unlikely…

That said, I’m not really sure if any documentation exist on it. The model number “2099-9798” (or 979B, the last digit on the pull’s model number looks like a B) clearly seems familiar to me, I’m fairly certain I’ve heard about this pull (but never seen how it looked like until now)

So you’re telling me that this is a custom made simplex chevron?

User Simplex 2001 2 years ago posted his collection and it clearly shows a 2099-9798 listed, so it might not be custom made, it probably a private label rebrand from Faraday.

Correction: 2099-9798

eBay link: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Simplex-Pu … 2702934671”>https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Simplex-Pull-Station-2099-9798-N-Y-C-White-Stripe-Fire-Alarm-Hard-to-Find-/362702934671</LINK_TEXT>

I didn’t say it was, I merely implied that it could be one, but that odd model number is throwing me off, so you’re probably right about that rebrand thing (although I do not recall or remotely know if Faraday did after all, follow the same nomenclature as Simplex)

Only one thing to be sure, asking Simplex2001 for pictures of their 2099-9798 to see if it bears the same “diagonal” stripe.

I got mine from that same eBay seller

So is it rare because of the strip which I was told used to be used for pulls for New York?


I was told by someone why pulls from New York had the strip on them but i can’t remember the reason. Anybody else know?

Here’s the reason.

Oh yeah. Now I remember it and the explanation behind it. I don’t remember if I saw any pull stations with stripes over them like that when I went to New York for an 8th Grade trip in 2005 but that was before I really got into fire alarms.

If I do go back to New York again, I will have to keep an eye out for them. Though I was there last year and didn’t notice anything but then again I didn’t know about this until now. :stuck_out_tongue: