Rare pull station

I saw this pull station at a convenience store

As you can see, it is obviously a rebranding of the Mirtone 73303u pull station. But this is an Edwards version. I have ever only seen this pull station once before which was at my old elementary school. The thing is, there is no information, pictures, or videos anywhere about this Edwards version of the pull. Anybody know about or own one of these particular models? :expressionless:

Mirtone is owned by Edwards.

I know, I just want more information on this Edwards version as there is NO information on the internet anywhere

These 275-SPB pull stations look very similar to the one in your photo. Despite the instruction plate being different on those 275-SPBs, the indentation that would hold the smaller instruction plate (at the top of the handle) and the indentation at the bottom of the handle appear to match those of the device in your picture.

Mirtone was actually separate from Edwards. & I’ve seen this pull station at one of the buildings we service. I don’t know the exact model #, but we’re replacing it so hopefully they send me :stuck_out_tongue: