Rare Simplex 2099-9289 added to my collection

A few years ago I found a few pictures online of some bilingual, and fully French Simplex 4251pull stations, and once I knew of their existence I wanted to find one for my collection. I got lucky and found one along with a bunch of other bilingual/English pulls. It is also dual stage, which of all the pictures I’ve seen of these pulls are also dual stage (except the break glass ones). Now I want to try and find an all French pull, as well as a bilingual/French break glass pull.


Nice acquisition! I really oughta buy some bilingual & French-language devices myself.

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Congrats on the find! I need some bilingual devices as well. Are they harder to find in the USA?

I don’t think so: you should be able to find a good amount on Ebay for one thing.

You can get them but they are scarce. Older ones are harder to find, as this one came directly from Canada.

What a fantastic acquisition! I believe I saw the listing a few weeks ago.

The vast majority of the T-bars I see in my area (both older ones like yours and newer ones) are bilingual models. Despite the fact that I come across these devices often in buildings, I’ve rarely seen them offered for sale online; it seems that bilingual devices and Canadian-market devices in general are often harder to find for sale.

Yeah, it’s a shame for collectors if you ask me.

How long do you think we have before the forums’ other major Canadian enthusiast, EdwardsFan, shows up here?

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Maybe an hour. (Watch him post as I’m typing this lol)

clears throat don’t forget me either :laughing:

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That’s because they were made for canada exclusively.