Rare smoke alarms in your collection

What rare smoke alarms do you have in your collection, here is mine

Four wire Model 449CT ESL Sentrol manufactured in 1994 week 48.

Wow , where did you get it

I’m a property inspector. I immediately saw a bunch of detectors of the same age, immediately tested, and discovered that the central alarm had been disconnected years before.The detector itself was a high end commercial model, with a field cleanable smoke chamber, photoelectric. The device is technically a detector, not an alarm, because there is no local buzzer.

The detector itself worked fine, the central monitoring system not so much:

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Wow , did you take the detector

The only VINTAGE smoke alarm I have is a Sears one and one of the old Wind up Smoke Bells. I don’t really collect smoke alarms anymore but if they’re vintage or are rare i’ll grab them.

I’ve got a 445CT, the predecessor