Rare Spaceage electronics LAVSTR24 Fixed 75cd remote strobe

Did any of you have this in your collection? Just wondering cause I haven’t seen any videos about this device.

No, but it looks a lot like their current IAV-series strobes. Does it have a cover plate?

I didn’t get the coverplate with it

Btw SAE still makes these including syncable versions. I have the non sync version.

Yeah I think the reason I couldn’t initially find anything on it is because you typed the model number wrong: it’s I (i) AVSTR24, not LAVSTR24. I don’t think they’re rare at all as they still make them today (they’re not meant to be used as notification appliances though). I actually have a Simplex 2904-series light that was a strobe, but the previous owner swapped the original strobe circuitry for the circuitry from a flashing IAV-series light after the former died.

I think I’ve seen those on ebay

Yeah I found it on an ebay listing