Rarest alarms and detectors I’ve found for sale

Here is a picture compilation of some of the rarest devices I’ve found for sale


Wow, those are rare! Great finds!


Thanks, I would like to buy some of the devices pictured but I don’t have any money :sob::sob:

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I know how you feel: I’ve got literally a million Ebay listings that I’m monitoring, most of which are for incredibly rare devices, yet I doubt I’ll ever have the money to purchase the majority of them (especially before they’re either bought by someone else or go off).


Yeah it’s like by the time I have enough money the device is gone

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Ok so I’ve done some more digging on eBay and I found these devices

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I also found this too

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I was really considering getting this but it sold super fast

All of the devices ( except one) are still for sale

Yeah. I meant to reply to the one about the whelen strobe.

The whelen strobe is still for sale

Really? I swear it sold. What’s the link?

Here is the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/185735255295?hash=item2b3eaf14ff:g:RGIAAOSwWmhjmiH3&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4NGpz47vLGX%2BjH8Jbj2ALI32uVYykaOukyDSBkpTaz5dxUrr%2FA7OYjrFJqKuY5ZgU8DtTVxx9ZsPXBBEA8s0LBx0bM1lq4hFxlSqagIm2YlksW0h1sQ8o%2BUQSJkdI41g%2BbUJOnT02mXwouv8mjIWb5P3PoAzW1SyZJ0RSiciZz9XQK1vOpbj02%2Fx6EVeG%2FfJ9BtFXNlnty%2BXkWa7jo1solzksjQA%2BYB75c%2BV8LPBHbUENX9vN3qwJ5azu1qmNbcUBADISNG15u1LpteLSTlJsrPqlyjtqTqtN4256vd%2BLSXc|tkp%3ABk9SR_TMk9XvYQ

whatever the 5th device on the 1st set of photos is I am about to get a bunch of them from a old system

Really? “EVACUATE”-lettering Faraday/Siemens remote strobes? Awesome!

Yep! They exist. I was shocked when found it

sorry about the confusion but I am getting the EST smokes

Ok. I have the Sdx-551

I was aware of their existence, but I had no idea they were ever actually used in a system!

Yeah. What’s your discord server link