rarest fire alarm

whats the rarest fire alarm in the usa

  • simplex 2904
  • simplex 4903-9001
  • simplex 4041
  • firelite bg 1
  • faraday 10500-2001
  • simplex 4050-80
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whats the rarest fire alarm in the usa. is it simplex, faraday, or firelite

I found this one to be pretty rare.

whats the model of that alarm big green?

It’s a Gamewell alarm repeater. It repeats alarm signals from the central office (dispatch) out to responding fire houses.

Only 450 of them were ever made, making it rare. Circa 1910-1940

There is a problem with that poll as not all of the equipment is the same type.

The 2904, 4903-9001 and 4050-80 are strobes, light plates or a flasher. The 4041 is a horn and the Fire Lite BG series and the Faraday 10500-2001 are pull stations.

But to answer your question, I have never seen/heard a 4041 in person or seen a Faraday 10500-2001 pull station. I have also never seen a 4050 or heard one in person. Most of the time, they are 4051s.

Also, what the hell is a BG 1? I have only heard of the BG6, BG8, BG10 and BG12.

Honestly I have no idea. :?

I don’t know if Fire-Lite ever made a BG1, but Notifier did. Here is a picture of one:

Also, you’re forgetting the Fire-Lite BG5. :wink:

Holy Crap!

So they went BG1, BG5, BG6, BG8. BG10 and BG12? Its like they went all over the place.

Why is there even a poll? Whether or not something is the rarest is not opinion, it’s fact. In addition, it probably isn’t any of those.

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