This topic is for a list of ebay sellers to avoid for having a history of either screwing over buyers, being unscrupulous, or doing bad practices.

Here’s a few examples of reasons to avoid a seller:

  • Takes a really long time to ship an item
  • Tries to offer a similar item of lesser value for the same price
  • Cancels the auction after you win and then re-lists it with a higher minimum bid
  • Cancels because the seller received an offer higher than your winning bid
  • Frequently “forgets” how many items they have for sale
  • Sends you a message asking for more money

    If you want to add to this list, send a PM to any of the moderators or admins.

    Since this is technically a blacklist, I want the mod/admin people to approve every post first.

    We’ll only post a seller if they have done any of these examples (or something else just as bad) more than once to you or to others.


  • I purchased one of those rare emhart “silver plate” strobes and he canceled the sale because someone else offered him more money.

  • I won an auction for a Simplex 4005 FACP and he message me within 1 hour of it ending saying someone offered him $250 for the panel and that if i paid $250 or more i could have the panel.

    Summited by computertech24 (myself)


  • Ignores attempts at contact from buyer
  • Calls buyers scam artists and refuses sales
  • Tries to screw over sellers when buying items
  • Has a report on Ripoff Report
  • Sells recalled and dangerous electrical products without any warnings
  • Multiple DOA items
  • Blames customer when a purchase does not go properly

    Submitted by: Coffee and Sugar & U8oL0


  • Poor communication, slow response to messages sent through ebay.
  • Takes a very long time to ship items or doesn’t ship at all
  • Makes false claims that they were out of stock and waiting for a delivery and does not say this until after they are messaged asking “Why”
  • Completely ignored a request for a refund, even a partial one, because the items took so long
  • Poorly packaged items, they worked, but…

    Submitted by: Myself


  • Sold a broken FACP claiming it worked
  • Refused a refund
  • Got hostile to the buyer

    Submitted by: kaptainkurk6065l


  • Sold a lot of alarm devices.
  • He said they were too much to ship, because he did not price accordantly
  • Offered to ship, however buyer was told to provide a UPS Pre-Paid shipping label.
  • Sent a hostile message, including that he would refund the buyer and throw away the alarms.


  • Shorted me on quantity purchased.
  • Refused to send missing QYT or Partial Refund
  • Continued to be rude

    Submitted by: Myself, Samson


  • Sold a few alarms, including a key.
  • Key was not included in package.
  • Said he sent the key and that i am lying.
  • Days Later says he must have forgotten to put the key in the box and that he sent the key out USPS.
  • 6 Days went buy, no key. Contacted, said he sent it USPS… More stories… I didn’t get anywhere.

    Submitted by: Samson


-Sold an FACP and never shipped

-Lied to buyer about shipment multiple times

-Called multiple times, different employees had different stories including one that their new parent company was trying to shut down the ebay division

-One of employees was very rude and told me when received to send it back (even though it was never shipped)

-eBay had to step in to provide refund

Submitted by: Jack (me)


-Sold some alarms

-Lied about shipping

-Refunded saying “OUT OF STOCK”

-ReLists the item…

SELLER HAS MULTIPLE BAD FEEDBACKS from buyers claiming item was not received/overcharged for shipping. STAY AWAY!

Submitted by: Samson


-Sold alarms that were either non functional or missing parts, claiming they were complete and working.

-Got very hostile when i asked for a partial refund or return.

-Stopped replying to ebay messages.

-Had to open a case to get money back.

-Once ebay gave me the refund, the buyer left abusive feedback.

Stay away…

Submited by: Myself


  • Sold me a few items and promised to ship on the next business day.
  • 3 business days went by, i had purchased from him before with little to no issues, so i gave him a few more days.
  • 5 business days go by, still no response, sent another message and opened a case.
  • Still no response, case is still opened, waiting on a refund from ebay as the seller is not responding.

    Other users have reported issues with this seller as well, recommendations to stay away.

    Submited by: Myself



This eBay seller has a very shoddy record. He began selling alarms in the Fire Alarm Technicians and Collectors Discord server in 2018 as [Isaaaakkk]. He sold unbelievable and customizable lots of alarms all close to $100 for five or six devices. When it was time to collect payment, he refused to go through PayPal or eBay claiming he had an ongoing dispute with a seller. He only wanted to sell through CashApp. Upon striking a deal with him for a lot of devices for $100+shipping, I backed out when he wanted me to use the CashApp which lacked buyer protection.
This seller used this tactic on several other users on the Discord server and managed to receive payment. After a lengthy amount of time, this seller refused to give the buyers tracking numbers, claiming that they would be shipped “soon.” After even more time, the buyers were unable to contact the seller at all and were unable to receive their money back. As a result, this user was permanently banned from the Discord server and attempted to rejoin on an alternate account, which was also banned.
In 2020, I unknowingly purchased a Gentex LF Sounder Strobe from this user, mainly infatuated by the unbelievable price (my mistake entirely) and the order was confirmed. I then realized who I purchased the device from and immediately had some reservations about the sale. The seller later contacted me advising that he had just tested the device in that the strobe on this brand new item was broken. He subsequently canceled the order. He had no issue with messaging me, unsolicited, a couple weeks later to inform me that he had another unit in stock.
There are reports from other users that this seller does not pack his items well. Moreover, broken alarms are simply marked as “untested.” This seller should be approached with all due precaution if you’re looking to purchase from him. Be very careful not to be attracted by his often incredible prices that mask his shady selling practices.

EDIT 030321: User spacejunk72, an account of this eBay seller, has reached out to me via Discord and has disputed this warning. This user has consitently worked to clear their name offering proof of identification to refute having CashApp during 2018 on claims of being a minor at that time. After a lengthy conversation, I am hereby redacting this warning. I do not have enough evidence to support this claim at this time and would like to extend my public apology to this seller for misidentification. As with anything you purchase on eBay, do be cautious of the details and make sure that the seller seems to be in good standing.