Recent eBay hauls

Top Row: Eaton CXL/GP/R/BB, Federal Signal 450D (Series D1) + V1971, Wheelock EH-DL1-WM-24, ESL 523D

Bottom Row: Standard Electric SFA-10-1, Edwards 202-8A-T, Amseco BZ-54VT (Finally, a 24V version)


Heck of acquistions right there! Do all of them work as they should?

Only thing I’m unsure about is the SFA-10-1.

(Edit) I forgot to mention that I’m also unsure about the 523D

The SFA-10-1 should be fairly simple to wire like most pull stations, but here’s a wiring diagram for the 523D:
ESL 522 and 523 Smoke Detector Manual - User Created Fire Alarm Media - The Fire Panel Forums