Recording smells

I’ve heard of a device invented that would allow people to record smells, like we now can do with sounds and images. I can imagine the bad things about the device, for instance, someone recording a fart smell, and playing it in a crowded movie theater.

lol, that would be funny as hell. I’ll be the first one to admit, I’d do it.

I’m sure. Something like that would probably cost quite a bit…especially when it first arrives on the market.

The device has not been invented. The abstract only indicates it is being “built” so who knows what stage it is in. Once it is affordable from the manufacturing standpoint the possibility’s are endless. I see issues using it in research because of how the smell it self would be kept in its true original form not only that but devices that sense what is “in” the air already exist leading to a breakdown of what that smell actually is. I see this more from an advertising standpoint it would eventually end up as an option on the TV and in theaters planted in movies to give you the effect like you are there but the real reason behind it would be product placement. It would put out the smell of say McDonald’s or something. You would see the same effect in the home. There is of course a dangerous side to this as well you could very well use it to cover up dangerous odors you are trying to cover up.

Double negative… or something…

You could use the device to cover up dangerous odors you are trying to conceal such as a gas or other hazardous materials you breath in.

Never heard of such a thing, although it sounds like a swell idea when and if it hits the market. Just imagine how it might change our world if we could record ANY sort of smell…

Just use a stink bomb to stink up a movie theater. No sense in spending a couple of grand on a smellacorder.