Regarding the 7002T

Lately, I’ve been wondering why later 7002’s have vandal-resistant grilles, and some earlier 7002T’s (such as the one in U8oL0’s collection) don’t.

It just clicked. The “T” has nothing to do with the grille. It stands for “terminal”. That’s why the WST-24 has screw terminals, whereas the WS-24 has wire leads.

The 7002T must have been introduced right before Wheelock changed their grilles, while they continued to manufacture horn/strobes with wire leads for some time after that.


So, a “7002t” with leads would actually be a 7002. Makes sense, I guess.

Yep, and a 7002 with screw terminals is a 7002T. So that “ADT 3408-024”, also in U8oL0’s collection, is a very early 7002T.

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As a matter of fact, both the 7002 and the 7002T were introduced at the same time. And I agree that the only difference between the two is their power-up connections (the 7002 has pigtail connectors while the 7002T has screw terminals). The only reason you usually see the “T” models with the vandal-resistant grille is because the 7002 was discontinued shortly after the grille redesign in 1985; Wheelock figured it was easier to wire up with terminals than pigtail connectors.