Regular House Smoke alarm to a pull station is it possible??

ive always wondered if this would work someone help me and if so tell me or show me how Please

What is a “regular” house some alarm. 110v interconnected? Security system smoke? Battery operated?

I assume you mean battery… It could be done if your soldering skills were good it depends on the smoke unit.

Think I actually saw somebody on YouTube who had something like this included in their setup. You just need the right equipment.

This is super easy to do, just wire each terminal of the pull to each contact of the test switch, doing it this way will allow the detector to work normally while having manual operation and gives the added bonus of triggering the interconnect feature if there is one.

You are assuming that the contact on the pull station is the same on the smoke…


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When I say super easy, I mean its easy to make once you find out how to. Its no more complicated than wiring up a regular alarm circuit, just Contact A to Point A and Contact B to Point B. And yes, the pull station is essentially just a switch meaning that it would do the same thing as the test button. And so what if I am a terrorist, just more reason not to piss me off…

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