Remaining disconnected NAs from old fire alarm systems in buildings.

Have you seen them? The local Wal-Mart has two Wheelock MT NAs on the wall that are disconnected. The store now has ceiling mount SpectrAlert Classics.

Plenty of time… I saw a bunch of remote alarm indicators (remains from a old 1970’s Cerberus system) that were tied to smoke detectors in cubicles but since these smokes were ripped out the indicators are sitting there

In person, I have only seen this happen one time. At my elementary school in 2012 when they upgraded the fire alarm system. We go there because our voting station is in the cafe-gymnasium. Originally the cafe-gymnasium had Simplex 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9101 strobe plates. When they renovated, at first they kept the old system up but just disconnected the horn and put SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes up. While there were 4 4903+9838s, there were 8 SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes up. The only one they replaced was the 4903+9838 in the vestibule to enter the cafe-gymnasium which was the kindergarten recess yard and I believe that it was because it was starting to die. It wasn’t until 3 years later in 2015 they took the 4903+9838s down.

The school was just recently renovated (to move the 6th graders towards the middle school and put in preschool classrooms) and from the one picture I have seen, they still have the Advances and didn’t upgrade to the L-Series.

This happened with the middle school my parents went to. The school was originally built in 1952 with an old Gamewell fire alarm system. The alarms were Faraday Type-2 single-projector horns, and they also had the old “Vitaguard” dual-action pull stations. The school underwent a renovation of sorts in 2008, and they put in a Notifier NFS2-640 voice-evac system with old-style SpectrAlert speaker/strobes and Advance remote strobes, NBG-12LX pulls and FSP-851 smoke detectors. But the old Faraday horns stayed intact but disconnected and painted over in white to blend in with the wall. There’s also a newer Federal Vibratone 350 horn that replaced a Faraday horn some time in the 80s or 90s that’s still intact but disconnected, and hasn’t been painted over. I also recall in the gymnasium, the Faraday horn(s) in there were not painted over, but still disconnected. I also remember a few of the Gamewell pulls staying intact, but they’ve since been removed and plated over.

This has also happened with another middle school, except the old horns are flush-mount Faraday Type-129 and were not painted over, and the new audiovisual signals are SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes. But they plan to renovate this school soon, so the old horns will probably get removed in the process.

My school still has a few Simplex 4041 flush-mount horns throughout the hallways and on the exterior of the school that are disconnected. The majority of the horns had Wheelock NS’s slapped on them when the system was originally upgraded in the early 2000s, but for whatever reason a few of these horns were never removed nor replaced. It’s the same deal with the old mechanical bells, which were also disconnected at some point over the past decade or so in favor of an electronic tone over the intercom.

That reminds me of this mall in Salem, Mass I went to once during a festival for Halloween. The alarms were Wheelock AS-2415 horn/strobes but they were on top of flush-mount plates which I assume had horns in them. I just guessed they were Simplex 4051s.

My schools west building has a visable Cerberus Pyrotronics/Siemens U-MCS strobe by an unused stairwell in a commons room on the very high ceiling. There are ZH horn/strobes mounted about (a ceiling ZH is mounted in the area with the U-MCS)

Most cut off hallways still have MTLs intact and a dance room has it’s U-MMT intact too, not sure if it’s disconnected.

The conference and testing room has it’s two Siemens ASs (divider wall) and two pre-replace ZH strobes. There are ceiling mount horn/strobes in both sides. I actually have no idea

Doesn’t your school also have 9846 horns too or am I confusing you with another member who is getting alarms that say “ALERT” on them?

Oh, I’m also reminded of the elementary school in Avon MA that also did this. The school was originally built in 1963 with a Simplex fire alarm system of some kind, and they had flush-mount Simplex 4030 horns and 4251-1 Chevron pulls. But in the late 80s or early 90s, the school was added onto and an FCI FC-72 system was installed to cover both the original 1963 structure and the expansion (the panel has the older FCI logo on it.) In the original 1963 structure, they disconnected the 4030 horns and painted over most of them and installed a Wheelock 7002T horn/strobe next to each one. They also installed System Sensor 2400 smoke detectors to replace many of the old Simplex heat sensors. But they kept the old Simplex pulls. The old Simplex school bells are also still intact in the 1963 portion (Simplex “STR” 4017-series 4" bells inside, 4027-series 10" bells outside along with an older 4026-series bell), but I don’t know if they still work, because I don’t recall seeing any bells in the expansion; they might have just wired the master clock system into the intercom to use as a bell throughout the school (they left many of the old Simplex clocks intact, though.)

The school is still set up this way, to my knowledge. But I know one of the Wheelock 7002Ts in the gymnasium/cafeteria/auditorium room was replaced with a Wheelock NS horn/strobe, but there’s still a disconnected Simplex 4030 next to it. Even if the 4030s don’t work anymore, it’s still a pretty neat system, largely due to the 7002Ts still being there.

No those are both me. They’re currently putting in an MNS system into that building so they have Siemens SET “ALERT” speaker/strobes mostly ceiling mounted. There are weatherproof alarms in the pool and shower rooms. I theorize the areas that have no speakers ATM will get their original Simplex 9846/9105s and TrueAlert horn/strobes replaced with SET wall NAs.

(Currently, they’re installing Siemens pull stations in the main enterence and gym. All horn/strobes in Auditoriums are gone and replaced with wall speaker/strobes, the whole plate is gone).

So that’s why I didn’t list that building lol.

It will be a sad day when the 9846s are taken down and replaced with voice evac even if they are better for schools.

I just really like mechanical horns.

I was at a school building that recently got a new EST system with Genesis horn/strobes, & The old fire bells were still installed behind silver grilles.