"Remember me" checkbox does nothing

I’ve been having a minor problem with this forum. No matter how many times I make sure the “Remember me” checkbox at login is checked, it always makes me log in again every time I close a window, and the box unchecks itself. Just a slight annoyance. Cookies are enabled, and I am not using a proxy. I’m on Firefox for Windows 7. No special network settings.


Have Firefox remember your password, it should automatically log you in.

Do you clear your cache often? if you do that It will wipe the cookies and you will have to start over and click it again.

Looks like other phpBB websites have had an issue with this too. There could be a problem with the cookie settings - that’s the solution that I’m seeming from a lot of these topics.

<LINK_TEXT text=“phpbb r - Google Search … channel=sb”>phpbb remember me - Google Search</LINK_TEXT>