Replacing The Lock on my BNG-1

Well, after trying to figure out why my Notifier key won’t work in my Notifier BNG-1, I have decided that I should just go ahead and replace the lock. For anyone who has done something similar, where can I buy a similar locking mechanism to the one in the pull, and can I get it fitted to my Notifer key. I think newageserver did something like this with his Cerberus Pyrotronics pull…

Take the “bad” lock to a locksmith and have him find a replacement lock that looks the same, then ask him to re-key it. It won’t be cheap though–the lock + re-keying I got cost $20. Also, you might have to grind down the tab that comes with the lock, it may be too long on the new one.

Well, to save 20 dollars, pull the pull station. There is a screw on the back of the lock, take that screw out and the locking cam will come off with it too. Push the inner part of the lock out, (be sure to do this on a table) then take a look at the spring loaded, sheet metal pieces (they are called wafers). Now that you have this apart, put your Notifier key in. If this key was working correctly, with they key in place, the wafers should not extend past the inner core. If you find one that sticks out past the core when the key is inserted, you can remove that wafer or file it down.

I assume that the bolt on the end is the screw to which you were referring?

Alright, well, I fixed it…kinda. I was trying some of my other keys out on the lock to see if any of them maybe fit better than the Notifier key. Turns out that my Cat 45 (EST) key only made one pin stick up (as apposed to two or three with the Notifier key), so I got rid of the pin, and now my Notifier BNG-1 opens up with my EST key. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Glad to help.