Reporting posts causes glitch

I reported my post to fix a typo I didn’t notice until it was too late, and I got this mess, then was redirected to a 404 page. Any thoughts on why?

Please get this fixed. There’s a spambot on the forums and I wasn’t able to report it.

I’m hoping that there isn’t too much of a problem to fix in order to get it working correctly again.

This is still an issue it seems. The page loads w/o stylesheets (see picture 1) as it tries to load them with the root directory of phpBB pointing to <LINK_TEXT text=“app.php”></LINK_TEXT>, rather than to just the root directory of the server (see picture 2).

This is a weird issue as I would think phpBB would use the same root for all files on the installation, but maybe not. My experience with phpBB is quite limited as I’ve only ever installed it once and ran it for a very short time.

The required stylesheets do load if you remove the extra /app.php/ from the URL. I might think that the php error (which I also saw but didn’t screenshot) may be related to a configuration issue or incompatibility, which could result in both of these errors.

Image 1

Image 2

Thanks all, I’m looking into it now. In the meantime, if there’s a user (not) to report fee free to message me.

This should be fixed now! We did a major update to bring phpBB up to the latest version, and further put extra security measures in place to hopefully reduce spam bots. In our testing, everything is working as expected now! :wink: