Requesting Feedback: Wiki in Discourse

Votes made this pretty clear where this is heading. Same for discussion on the Discord. Wiki will NOT be moved to Discourse. I will work towards moving it to a dedicated platform.

  • Move Wiki to Discourse (forums)
  • Move Wiki to dedicated Platform
  • Keep Wiki where it is
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I agree with this, I do like the Current Wiki on, don’t get me wrong, but it has more potential for other information that can be contributed by everyone; such as specific product lines, panel info, etc…

I’m a fan of the Discourse Idea, mostly because it will be easier to use in the backend, and in the long run, will drive more traffic to the Forums. As you probably know Zach, a community driven - Dedicated Wiki Platform for TFP has existed in the past but disappeared around '16 or '17 due to inactivity and malicious edits. (From what I’ve seen as this was a bit before my time). I’m Thinking that keeping the two together in one site will keep both posts in one database, and that would also prevent it from the fate its predecessor had.

In terms of Moderation to prevent malicious edits, I am pretty sure the “Flag” feature should suffice, or some sort of automod would too.

I personally dislike the discourse idea; the forum format feels improper for a wiki use in addition to the navigation being real clunky compared to other wikis utilizing dedicated wiki architecture. Plus with proper wiki software, adding citations will be a lot easier than it would be using discourse


That’s very true. Only a few votes in so far but it seems pretty clear the direction this is leaning.

UPDATE: Announcing the new Fire Panel Wiki!

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