Resetting a standard "round" pull station?

I have just recently got a standard 200177 “round” pull station and have no idea how to reset it. Can anyone help me please?

I believe those require some sort of special key that’s inserted in the bottom hole. You might be able find a way to reset it from the back though.

You can actually make one of these keys using metal wire (around 20 gauge) available at arts and crafts stores such as Michaels or DeSerres. Here’s a picture of the one I made for my model 700 pull station:

The tip of the key (at the far right on the picture) has a width of eight millimeters; it can be quite tricky to get just the right size while you bend it as the tip has to be small enough to fit through the slot at the bottom yet big enough to push the springs inside the pull station apart and around the metal peg.

Oh I’ve tried that, it didn’t work! I made a makeshift key for it, like the one El Chupacabra made. It works perfectly too, took some adjusting but i finally got it to open :slight_smile: Thank you both for your help!