Reusable fire sprinkler

so the other day i got an idea for a sprinkeler that can be reused. heres howit would work, it would have the same bulbe method but it would be replaceble. what would come with it is a preset bulb and 5 replacement bulbs and pips, the new bulbs would clip into the deflector. Tell me what you guys think.


Theoretically it would be possible to make a reusable auto-resettable sprinkler, albeit by using some kind of heat sensor that would expand to open the sprinkler & could then be closed manually to return the system to normal, but there might be issues with such, including reliability after each time it operates.

yeah I thoght about that one other idea I had was one that I kinda dismissed was to use some heat detector like element that would open a valve without having a bulb but I am not sure if that would be the best idea

That’s a pretty good idea

Existing sprinkler bulbs are already replaceable, but they break when the sprinkler operates thus making them non-reusable. If there was a mechanical heat sensor in place of the bulb however it would most likely be reusable (but like I said there might be problems with that including the reliability of it after each time it operates).

“Reusable” sprinklers, also called “on-off” sprinklers did exist for a time, and they had a bimetallic disc on the side of the sprinkler that would open a valve when heated and would close the valve when cooled, but ultimately it failed due to its enormous size, unnecessary nature, and the fact that single-use sprinklers would ensure that the sprinkler was replaced with a fresh one if activated.

I think as a function of the manufacturing process, it’s practically impossible to replace a new bulb in an opened sprinkler as there simply isn’t enough free space to slot in the orifice cap and wedge in the bulb, so it really is just easier to replace the whole thing.

Wow! How old is that thing

Perhaps with today’s manufacturing & the like such sprinklers could be made again, but far better quality, design, & reliability-wise (I also said manually-closed since a sprinkler auto-closing by itself might pose a danger if the fire’s still burning but isn’t hot or big enough to continue activating the sprinkler).

I actually either didn’t know or remember that a sprinkler must be completely replaced after it operates, rather than just the bulb being replaced, thank you for bringing that up Robert.

I remember that there’s a set screw at the center of pulverizing disk, which could be screwed out so that a new bulb can be placed in.

Not to mention, that with proper sprinkler systems, they already have spare sprinkler heads, as code usually requires it. Depending on the size of systems, you may have anywhere between 5 and 20 spare heads.

Hey, it’s our old friend. The bi-metallic strip. (Does anyone get the reference?)