Ridiculous Made-Up FACPs


i have a couple of pictures like that. some i made

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I remember making an EST4100ES panel for example if Johnson Controls bought out Carrier Global’s fire protection industry.

MARK MY WORDS If I get a 4100ES, I will try to cram it into a Notifier cabinet.

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I’ve seen a 4100ES crammed into a 6500 cabinet lmao.

It was in an old unused government institution. Besides the panel, still had the Edwards 333D single stroke bells and GA key switches, and old heats.

Wow. Do you have a photo?

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The all-new 2120es!

Screenshot 2024-04-02 193112


when JCI takes ideas from Carrier Global

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I do not unfortunatley, possibly in the near future

Introducing…the Cerberus Pyrotronics IRC-3 plus MXL!

It comes with the interface of the MXL, but the voice system and cabinet of the IRC-3 from Edwards Signaling’s EST division!

No Cerberus Pyrotronics software is needed, but you need the EST IRC-3 software (available on Windows 9x and DOS!)

Cerberus Pyrotronics technology guarantees you no troubles (only for the main system, but a lot for the voice system!)

Cerberus Pyrotronics and EST have also collaborated together to make the perfect fire alarm protocol: FireSigClipPrint! Compatible with all Edwards and Siemens devices on your system. Don’t worry, any System Sensor or EST/Edwards devices utilizing CLIP or Siemens devices using FirePrint are compatible with the IRC-3 plus MXL!

Modernize your building with the Cerberus Pyrotronics IRC-3 plus MXL today!


what protocol? firesigclipprint?


Apparently I also heard you can use any device with CLIP protocol on it aswell? is that true?