roblox defunct simplex vertical 4903s at an airport-roblox

ok so i tend to do a bit of roblox,

so this is a defunct system in a airport,the airport was made in 1992,they had bells until the last one got vandalized in 1996,then they installed a simplex panel and simplex 4903s,now the system is in need of a replacement,cause the strobes dont work anymore,im currently trying to choose between siemens UMMT,system sensor spectralert advance,or EST genesis

post below which alarms i should put in the airport,the one with the highest votes will be installed,i have till tmrw to install the new system so yeah

finally,heres the video!


edit: the alarms got replaced with spectralert advance P4Rs on continous high voleume

UMMT since they’re a thing of the past.

Can I play on this world? My roblox username is ccsprague

. Sorry for double post but, I think it’s a great idea!