RSG RMS-1T Switch Replacement

Hello everyone. I have an RSG RMS-1T that’s had a broken switch for years now. Only recently did I have my dad buy a new switch for it, but now there’s a new problem: I can’t find the original button and mounting plate for said switch. Any ideas on what to do? If I could either just find the original components (looked everywhere, haven’t found them) or buy new ones I could finally fix this pull station after all these years, though it’s not likely I’ll find just those components sold separately if I try the latter method.


I have an RMS-1T that you are welcome to. It’s a new double action type with a key reset, but the lock is currently missing. I may have one that will fit it you want to use the complete station. Just need to figure out how to get it to you. I’m in Ohio & shipping looks like it would cost $8.

I guess I might as well clarify that the station had the original button and switch mounting plate when I got it, but they’ve now gone missing since I took them off and put them somewhere I can’t remember. If I could just remember where I put them I could probably fix the switch right up, course I’d have to break the rivets off the original mounting plate to mount the new switch but other than that it would work.

pilot, I suppose we could work something out, seems a little mix-and-matching of our two stations could work as far as fixing one of them at least.