Sad warning sirens in Tucson!

Well guys,
Here’s some sad news. A few years ago (2006 or 2007 I believe), the City of Tucson Emergency Management Department took down all of the city’s Civil Defense sirens. :frowning: They were a mix of Federal Signal Thunderbolt T-1000’s (or T-1000T’s, I’m not sure), and SD-10’s. The only one left is an SD-10 painted black to match a bank by a Costco on Grant Road. I even asked the Emergency Managment Department head if I could have the sirens, but he wrote me a respectful letter back saying no. But I do have one siren that I convinced my old elementary school principal to give me, and it’s still in my house to this day! That siren is a Federal Signal Model L siren. I have not set it off yet, nor do I have any idea how to.

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Were they used for severe weather warning at all, do you know?

I believe they were only used for air raids during the Cold War, because the SALT Treaty of 1977 abolished that. The guy who was in charge of them (Mike Walsh) told me that they were never used for severe weather. I mean, in Tucson, all you’ll get for severe weather is during monsoon season and there’s a heavy thunderstorm, but that’s about it. I do remember once we had a tornado warning in Pima County in 2007-008. :shock:

Ah, so they sat doing nothing anyway.

IMO, tornado sirens are still the most effective means of warning, next to 24 hour / battery backup tone-activated weather radios that you’d install in a house or a building.

Agreed. The only functioning siren we have left in Southern Arizona is out at the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona, and it still works! :smiley: It is a Thunderbolt 1003, and they set it off for special events at the museum. It is on a pole along with a red klaxon, too.

Dude - I was BORN in Tucson!


Was that the one restored on American Restoration?

Coming from someone in tornado ally, the whole concept of not having tornado sirens seems odd to me. :slight_smile:

Ours have gone off at least 3-4 times this year, maybe more. Plus they get tested once a month.

BUMP much! Anyway, down here in Florida it looks like the only sirens we have are for our nuclear power plant, turkey point. It seams although that they are installing more all over Florida as I’ve seen a Federal Signal 2001s somewhere.

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We don’t have them in Brazos County, either. :cry:

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