San Antonio Tornado Warning!

There’s a tornado warning in my area moving southward. I don’t think it will hit where I live but I’m really scared, as this is the first tornado warning I’ve been through.

Aaaaaaaaand the Western Central Bexar warning has been called off. I can breathe again! :smiley:

my back is killing me just thinking of tornado warnings


Yeah, nice try pal. I don’t think Bert the Turtle is going to save himself from a tornado by hiding under a desk. :wink:

Also, doesn’t ducking and covering only “work” for nuclear emergencies?

No. We have to duck and cover in the hallways whenever there’s a tornado warning. We duck, and cover our necks with our hands.

In any situation in which the structure can come down, getting under the sturdiest thing possible is the recommended course of action. Even a doorway or a desk; anything to break the fall of the ceiling and subsequent floors.
In a nuclear explosion the ducking is for the shockwave, the covering for the fireball/mass amount of infrared light that would otherwise cook you.