Schematic for diy panel

Hello my name is Daniel and i am 15 and im am getting into electrical engineering and i would like or see if anyone can find a schematic for a facp a conventional one just one to have in the house. I would need only 2 zones. I have soldering experience so i could solder it. just something simple with through th ehole components.

I just need to clarify what you meant with this statement. Are you going to use this panel on a demonstration system (plywood board), or were you planning to actually install this around your house?

You’re probably not going to find anything based on a commercial panel that’s simple enough. I have a schematic for a very basic panel that I will try to find for you, however it does not have any trouble circuits. All it does better than a simple 24V power supply is it latches. Also, I would strongly advise you to not use this as a life safety system, and to just keep it on a board.

IIRC, Andrew had his 5001DC Schematic on the CDN of the website, but I think with the failure of the server it was lost. That one could be a very good POC for Daniel.

Luckily, I have the basic version saved on my phone…

Edit: I did crop out the copyright stuff Andrew had in originally for printing purposes.

Edit: Found the unaltered one:

I do think a revision of the schematic could be warranted, especially color-coding some of the connections.

can someone send me the component list for the 5001dc?

Way to go man! :slight_smile:

I am planning to install it as a demonstration system

I am also looking for something a little bit more like somthing that can drive a 120 volt fedral signal buzzer. I dont really know the model off the top of my head. I am going to head too my local electronics store today to get the parts. something a little bit more advanced with like a 555 timer or relays which i can do things like change the coding signals

Just add another relay to the horn contacts.


(From <URL url="Unable to Access Alertek 5001 Schematics text=“viewtopic.php?t=7506”>Unable to Access Alertek 5001 Schematics)

thanks :smiley:

is the non march time continuous?

Yes, it is.

do I need a seperate nac?

You’re going to need to give us some context here…

Do I need a nac circuit for the panel or is one build in?

There are two circuits in each of the panels linked in a previous post.

how many zones?

The panel has one zone, but you could make it a panel with multiple zones if you knew what you were doing.