School Arson Updates

A couple months back, I posted about the large number of arson causing the fire alarm at my school to go off, sometimes on a daily basis.

Well I am glad to report, after an investigation a 15-year-old male student was arrested Friday
morning, March 21 (the day after the last arson this year, on March 20th, 2014). This proves that you will get caught if you set fires for fun!


I attached the press release if you want more information…

(Sorry for the late update, it took me a while to get the arson report from the fire department)

Ouch. Glad that the arsonist was caught and arrested. That was a dangerous game that he was playing. I hope he realizes exactly how much trouble he is in and how much damage he could have caused.

Off-topic question, but what alarms does your school have?

We just got our fire alarm system in 2008. We currently have:
[attachment=2]8457957712_0a8ad8a32d_k.jpg[/attachment] (In the cover hallways)
[attachment=1]P1000977.JPG[/attachment] (In the classrooms)
Not Pictured, Wheelock RSS (in the bathrooms, supply closets, and in some areas in the indoor hallways)

The very first thing to go into alarm during every arson (and false alarm) was this exact…

Pull Station! It was always closest to all of the bathroom fires and locker room arson, all which took place in the boy’s locker room. This pull station was right outside the door…

Let me know if you have any questions! :smiley:

Fun Fact: The arsonist will be now paying for the 5,000 dollars of damages he caused to the floors, walls, and trash cans, he lit on fire!

Dude you need to downsize your photos. Its way to BIG! :x Also BTY what where you doing during the arson attacks?

I know :oops: , I just don’t know how to make them appear smaller! If you know, please message me and tell me!

Anyways, since this was done over a span of a couple of days, it varied by day.

The first and second time I was headed to my 3rd period when the alarm went off, we evacuated and waited for the fire department to show up and clear the building.
The third and final day, there were multiple arsons during lunch and I stayed inside the student store I work in and listened to the security radio to make sure it wasn’t a real fire.

Its all right to not know these things. It’s actually a complicated process that becomes easy in a heart beat. So I don’t have to right an essay here on the forms, here is a link that will explain everything you need to know.(6 Ways to Downsize Photos - wikiHow) Also, for this process you need a photo editor software so heres another link that provides the use of one online with no download needed.(Photo Editor Pixlr Free Advanced Photoshop & Image Editing Tool)

So other then that, usually in my high school if the fire alarms would go off and i’m not in a classroom (In lunch or bathroom) I would go strait to the main office where the panel is located and work with the head of the security who operates the FACP, with a fire situation. One situation happened earlier that I was in lunch and the fire alarms whet off. After a few seconds later I arrive at the office to see 3 staff members, Including the head of security at the panel. So I walk up to him to see whats happening and apparently a duct detector went off in the auditorium. Right before I arrive at the office they apparently called off the fire department which in my opinion is dumb because they had no idea if their was a fire or not until 10 minuets later plus its something thay are liable for. So he investigated the situation and found no fire (In my opinion it was dust in the detector due to poor air filters) So after all that commotion the fire alarms where reset and life went back to normal. Lol and throughout this whole time I never forgot, just in case, to just grab a fire extinguisher and RUN!

I have gotten the opportunity, multiple times, to head over to the panel and check it out and I have been allowed to silence and reset false alarms with the Fire Department’s clearance, but usually, a am not near the panel or any annunciator to see what is going on.

Well hey at least you got out safe and sound :smiley: