School evacuation due to burning popcorn.

Have you ever been to a school where they had to evacuate because someone burned some popcorn? It happened once at my elementary school. The burning popcorn triggered the fire alarm system.

Happens all the time in college…


Low ceiling + Sensitive TruAlarm + Sidetracked teachers = False Alarm = My elementary school after 2006.

One time at my high school there was some burnt food from the cooking class and it activated the fire alarm.

Funny, in my bio class my teacher lit some saltines on fire. No evac.
Pretty sure there aren’t smokes in the classrooms, at least in the science section. She says that the chemistry teachers light the ceiling on fire all the time.

For a science experiment, we had to light sulfur and iron filings on fire. It made the entire room fill with smoke.

No alarm went off. There aren’t any smokes in the classroom, but maybe they’re above the ceiling.

There are smoke detectors in all of the science class rooms at my school, and there’s one teacher that fills the room with tobacco smoke (for educational purposes) for multiple classes once a year, and to my knowledge, the alarm has never gone off because of it.

Somebody told me that a couple of years ago, somebody tried cooking bacon inside of the school and that set the system off. :lol:

But as for popcorn, a long time ago, somebody burned popcorn really badly in the cafeteria (it was so bad you could smell it from the other side of the school), and the alarms did not go off.

Yeah. I start to wonder why they install smoke alarms in the home ec classrooms. Wouldn’t heat detectors be better for them? In my high school, the cooking classroom was one of the only classrooms that had smoke detectors.

Because it’s probably required by law.
Ovens can trigger heat detectors. It’s all about the layout and the sensitivity.

I know that rate-of-rise heat detectors can be triggered by ovens, but what about fixed temperature heat detectors?

Depends on placement and all that.

I just know that for household kitchens they typically recommend the heat detector instead of smoke detectors be installed, because smoke alarms would be prone to false alarms.

Again, it depends on the oven, layout, and alarm.

How about fire alarms being set off due to candles? I’ve heard of cases like that.

I heard from a friend who goes there that Kean University banned dorm residents from microwaving smaller bags of popcorn, because they were always setting the fire alarms off.

I haven’t heard of too many cases where it’s gone off due to popcorn. On the other hand, ever since UA finished upgrading the alarm systems in the dorms, they’re constantly going off due to hair care products (blow dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, excessive hairspray), so much in fact that the office of Environmental Health & Safety has issued this press release about using such devices near heat detectors. Still, looking at the police logs from last semester, the alarms in the dorms went of a TON of times due to hair products.

It looks like your college needs to make the heat and smoke detectors less sensitive to hairspray then.