Schools watching fire drill videos instead of going outside during fire drills

I just recently got a job at an elementary school in the cafeteria. For the two fire drills they had they sounded the fire alarm and then made a PA announcement saying “this is our monthly fire drill” and “to put in the fire drill video” instead of the students going outside during the drill. They then silenced the alarms shortly after the announcement.

Seriously? That’s got to be some kind of code violation. They should have the kids go outside when a drill occurs to teach them that that’s what they should do if the alarm ever goes off & it’s not a drill.

The fire alarms at the school are Simplex TrueAlerts.

They had another fire drill in March. Again after sounding the fire alarm a PA announcement came on saying that “this is our monthly fire drill” “we are not evacuating” and to “put in the fire drill video”.

Yet another blatant violation of code…

You oughta report what they’re doing to whatever local authority is present: state fire marshal, fire inspector, etc.

Yes, really. If they are going to just have the kids watch videos they might as well not even sound the fire alarm to start with, because the fire alarm signals evacuation. That is the purpose of schools and other buildings having a fire alarm system.

Precisely: having the students watch videos on fire drills & telling the students it’s a drill completely defeats the purpose of even having one in the first place. The purpose of fire drills is to teach students to leave the school as soon as they hear the fire alarm sound, which doing it like that will not do. Heck schools really shouldn’t even tell students when there’s going to be a drill since then they’ll treat it as if it was a real emergency, which they always should, because one day it might very well be one.