Schools watching fire drill videos instead of going outside during fire drills

My thoughts exactly.

Again, it depends on the state. In Kansas, where I live now, Section 22-18-2 of the Kansas Administrative Regulations requires a minimum of four fire drills per year, and may only be announced within five minutes of the drill taking place.

So, it’s not quite as often as Texas, but again, not necessarily against IFC, at least in theory. The IFC does say that in E occupancies, the required frequency is monthly, but there is an allowable exception that states that the AHJ has the authority to modify this if in severe climates. Kansas does have tornadoes, and the KAR does require tornado drills, so they might’ve used that as justification to modify their minimum required drill frequency.

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Alright, i checked mine. Maryland law says both 10 times a year and every 60 days, if i’m reading it right.

I have read that schools in some areas some time ago had gotten a policy to not evacuate when the fire alarm sounds until instructions are given either over the PA system or the fire alarm speakers if the school has voice evac. This is due to attackers pulling the fire alarm to lure people outside of the school. Really stupid and dangerous policy really.

There is more likely to be an actual fire requiring evacuation at a school than the fire alarm sounding because a shooter pulled it to lure people outside.

The school had a fire drill today. I was out in the hallway and a stopper alarm sounded before the alarms went off, so apparently they used a pull station. The fire alarm sounded and then a PA announcement came on “this is our monthly fire drill. Everyone evacuate the building.”