Since most of us have common interests, is anyone here a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout?

I’m a Boy Scout, Life rank. I’m also an OA Brotherhood member.

I got alot of the same skills just camping with friends and family. I never really liked the idea of the boyscouts I thought the whole idea was a little bizare to be honest. Going off with a group of adult men that you only trusted because they were also a parent? Yea no thanks.

Based off the stance of the boy scouts now I can’t say I support them, way to many things wrong with that organization.


That doesn’t happen in every unit, just because the news makes a big deal of it. There are thousands of units in the US, and bad things don’t happen to every one. Please don’t generalize!

And what does scouting give you that family camping can’t? A nice transcript.

I would elaborate, but I’m mobile right now.

The Big Green does raise a good point. Being an Eagle Scout does really help when it comes to applying for colleges and jobs. For the record, I am a Venturing Scout and have my Life rank.

Actually it was a pretty BIG deal for many years. Not many years ago it was such a problem in the scouts that they needed to create a program to prevent it and educate the young members and how to spot a creep in the upper ranks. I am unaware of any news story for it, I am however educated on the coverups and attempts to silence victims by the organization. Not really something a group that apparently cares about kids does…

Secondly, my transcript for college looked fantastic without boyscouts. Plenty of other fantastic things to be involved with that make you a much better candidate for a college or university.

I will again say that for these “modern” times I think the boyscouts actually takes a step backwards in teaching children acceptance and how to be a “man.” My view of a man is someone who accepts people for who they are and who they strive to be. I look at a person and look at what they do for the benefit of the helpless simply to do it, not to earn a “badge” for a requirement. Being a boyscout is all about trying to earn something by demonstrating it to those who judge you. Not how I was raised.

I am in scouts! Star scout.


OK, whatever floats your boat. I strongly oppose your views, but we’re all entitled to an opinion.

Thanks U8oL0 and FireAlarmTech4010 for your responses! 8)

Yup, it’s tough facing cold hard facts I know.

For the record, the OP’s original question was “Are you in Boy Scouts” and not “Are you in Boy Scouts and what are your views on the Boy Scouts of America and the controversies that they’re involved with.”

And Jake, you realize that the only “cold hard facts” that you presented in your posts were about how the Boy Scout’s problem with “creeps.” And while I do agree that it’s wrong for them to try so hard to cover up and silence victims, everything else about transcripts and “what makes a man in these modern times” is just an opinion.

You are welcome to look it up. If you chose to you will find facts and opinions that support my views and argue against them. I am not in the bussiness of making a one sided “case.” I however have formed my oppinion and perhaps have knowlege outside of what you may or may not find online. I was not refering to the “facts” that I posted just those that openly exist.

Secondly, being the adult, having transcripts, resumes, having graduated two colleges and having a career I think I am qualified to speak on the matter of transcripts. Transcripts by the way do not include boy scouting activitys. Transctripts contain grades.

This is also the “discussion” thread… Not the “post a question and expect everyone to either agree with it or not comment.”

Thank you for clearing that up.

Also, by “transcript” I meant applications for colleges, jobs, etc., so it’s my fault for not using a better term in my posts.

And yes, I know that this is the discussion thread, but just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have to share it, especially in a scenario like this where the discussion is not intended to be so “heavy” or serious.

Life is not all cute flowers and cupcakes.

I was a scout until I turned 18, when I got my Eagle. I can say that I did not witness, nor was I ever, physically abused in any form. I was verbally abused by various Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters in my first troop, and that’s why I ended up changing troops when I was 15.

The new troop that I joined was extremely adamant on having at least 3 people meeting at once, instead of just having one-on-one private meetings. But I wouldn’t doubt that there was stuff going on in other troops, embellished or not.

I beleive it was in the late 90’s (i could be wrong) that they rolled out a series of changes where nothing was supposed to be private. This was after they formed a group to prevent the issues they were having at the time. Infact I think one of the major changes became that no activity was to be “private” within the scouts. Ironicly the mettings they currently hold to discuss and prevent abuse are closed door. Go figure…

I’m not a scout and don’t intend to be. I’m never in the position where I need those skills.

My $0.02: Are we really arguing about a group of kids. REALLY? There are more important issues in this world. It’s a simple question: “are you a scout or not?” I don’t see why this has to turn into a debate over who’s right and who’s wrong. I agree that you’re entitled to an opinion. That’s great and all but find the right time to voice it. Now was not the time. We were asked a question and we should respond yes/no. IF the OP asked for an explanation as to why or why not, then would be the time.

I’m done with my side of the argument. If saying this gets me in trouble with the forum, so be it.

Are you accusing me or the forum of unfair punishment now?

You have alot to learn and probably are not ready for the real world.

Here is a bit of education for you. When you ask a question it opens it up to many things. One of those is debate and discussion. The question can be as simple as "Do you own a dog?"

You somewhat invalidated your entire post since you explained why you are not a scout by the way.....

Everyone should feel welcome to agree, disagree, argue and defend. I stated my view on why I would NEVER EVER be a scout or let anyone I care about be apart of such an organization. And quite frankly you should all be educated on the values and "secrets" of the group if you are a member of it. Sorry to burst your little bubble. You are welcome to go back to your sheltered life now.

I’m actually signing up for them on Thursday. What a coincidence! lol.