Sears and fire alarms.

Does your local Sears have a fire alarm system? Every Sears I’ve been in just has pull stations. No NAs anywhere.

They have a national account with ADT, the ones I’ve tested are two pull stations on a Focus 200 mercantile security panel. The system does both fire and intrusion and pulses the outside burglar alarm bell for a fire alarm.

Hmm, guess the two stores near me aren’t like that. Both are in malls. One has vibratones and iStrobes and a single pull station in the back. The connected mall is the same. The other has NSs and T-bars, connected mall has a voice evac system.

Ones I know of:

Rochester, MN:

Wheelock speakers w/non-ADA strobes, Honeywell S464A pulls

Janesville, WI:

Wheelock AS, RS (Vertical RSS), one NS

Mall of America, Bloomington, MN:


Stockton, CA:

this one only has pulls (BG-10s). No NAs, unless they’re behind Conceal-Alarm plates.

The Sears that we always go to has a mix of Wheelock NS horn/strobes and Spectra Alert Classics.