Sears doesn't like fire alarm signals.

Sears tends to just have pull stations.

My Sears store is the same deal; the only alarms are on the fire doors, where the push bars act as alarms whenever the doors are opened. The store is very old as well; it was opened as part of the Livonia Mall in 1964.

The ones that I have been in have signals…
One has MASS signals, the other two have Simplex Signals (One has TrueAlerts and I can’t remember what the other has other than they are Simplex) because their malls have them.
The last two have the older grey Edwards horns scattered scarcely.

I’m pretty sure that mine has a MA/SS or two in it.

Federal Signal Vibratone 450s (B series–the high pitched ones) with iStrobes on the ceilings. One of them was on a low ceiling so I managed to look at the sticker on it. There is a Notifier BNG-1 at the customer pickup entrance/exit behind the store.

This might be because it is connected to a strip mall, which alo has Vibratone 450s and iStrobes, but on the walls instead of the ceilings.

The Sears’ at the mall in my city has Wheelock NS horn/strobes (it’s a Fire-Lite system of some sort with BG-10 pulls). It’s also one of two stores in the mall that doesn’t have a Notifier system (the Macy’s has a Siemens system with U-MMTs.)

Sears in my local mall has the same thing except only pull stations are left out, there are only System Sensor non-ADA compliant Multi-Alert sounder/strobes. I didn’t see any pull stations though.