Security system power supplies

Ok, what type of mains supply would I need for a security alarm demo board, btw it must be 240v ac, preferably a plug, to power the panel with onboard keypad

I’ll be honest: being someone who lives in North America I’m not very familiar with European fire alarm or security systems. I know they usually run off 240VAC & a couple other things, but that’s about it. The answer to your question might be a plug-in transformer, which I know a lot of security panels over here use. If you stated the exact make & model of the system you want to power up I could probably find an appropriate power supply/transformer for it.

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UK Scantronic 9448, just wanna run it as part of a demo system, also guess what the thing in my profile picture is.

This appears to be the transformer you need: Hope this works.

I have no idea what’s in your profile picture.

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Ok, I got banned from a UK site called The Security Installer, please don’t ensure I get banned from here as well

That’s all up to you to not get banned, though why you were banned from the other site in the first place (& how frankly) I have no idea.

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I don’t really wanna talk about it, and besides, that site was rubbish, this site rules.

The problem with that site, I was made to feel welcome, then got banned after about 2 days, no chance to appeal the ban, typical, unjustified banning from that site.

Hi…I moreover ran CAT 5e cabling in conjunction with the video cabling to each room within the house (I have 5 quad-shielded RG6 coax cables and three CAT 5e cables to each room… was done fundamentally for HD dispersion). Seem I utilize the CAT 5e for the control transmission to each camera? Put an connector on both closes of one cable… one to plug into the splitter and one to plug into the camera? I know the wires are lovely minor… would it work on the off chance that I bundled 4 of the 8 wires for unbiased and the other 4 for hot? Or might I utilize one of the other coax cables for control? I clearly need to be secure here… so on the off chance that it won’t work (or is unsafe) that’s fine.

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This is for alarm system power supplies, sorry mate.

However feel free to create a new topic for your issue, as I can’t help here, as I don’t know much about CCTV cameras