Security system/smoke detectors at my grandma’s house

ADT system with 2 ESL 429/449CSTs/CSRTs, 2 unknown motion sensors, and unknown door sensors. Old security system original to the house. (As far as I know) the smoke detectors were installed later. (I think they’re 429/449CSTs/CSRTs. They have a thermal and a sounder, and possibly a relay.)

Don’t worry, there are other single station smoke detectors. Y’see the one on the left? That one tells you when there’s a fire. Now y’see the one on the right? That one tells you when the toast is done.

Now that is a cool security system! Definitely looks like it’s from the 80s or 90s going by the keypad.

Weird place for that motion sensor; directly above a light switch, even though I’m pretty sure motion sensors are meant to be mounted up high, usually in a corner so they can detect an intruder anywhere in a room.

Don’t know why you didn’t just replace the existing one with a single dual-sensor detector (ion & photo).

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Not 100% sure on the story behind that one. I think she was worried the ion wasn’t working, so she bought a photo just in case, but it turns out the ion works. There’s no battery in the photo.
Edit: I saw it flash once. A dual sensor unit is likely too expensive.

My aunt on my dads side has a napco Gemini system in her house and one of the smoke detectors on that system looks like that one in the picture but without the heat sensor

I want some detectors like that in my collection. IDK why, I just like the Esl 400 series.

I want one of those detectors too

The ion may “work”, but studies have shown that ionization smoke detectors are the least effective at detecting most home fires that start. I’d recommend replacing both detectors with a single dual-sensor unit.

Idk what to tell u, it’s not my house. It’s also like a combo, just 2 separate detectors close to each other

This is the one at m main house. Its an Admeco system that likely came from 1992 since this house was built in 1996. This is located in the downstairs hallway (yes theres a wall circle light above it and another can light down below in the closet.) This system is original with the house but we didn’t have any use for it since I’m the one who’s home 99% of the time.

As you can see,no battery here even though I believed there used to be one here previously. (Yes that light is smushed in with the pannel) and the circuit board is tiny for a panel this size with a ton of resistors and some jumpers I believe.

The front cover easilly slides off with just lifting it up a centimeter. Its a diagram of how thie whole system was designed to be wired up.

The only Ademco panel on this system which doesn’t have any power because the main panel is disconnected. This one might look familar to you but I couldn’t figure out exactly which model it is.

An Ademco speaker from the same era which I believe is a 427 or an FBII ZR-815 right above the closet where the panel is at (not sure exactly which model this would be but it is Ademco branded)

The only motion detector on the system thats right on the other side of the house and used to light up red but since the main panel is disconnected it also doesn’t have any electricity going to it.

Once I go over to my grandparent’s house I’ll show you their complete fire and security setup which includes System Sensor smoke/heat detectors and Edwards heat detectors.

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#1: The system might have been made in 1992 like you said, but given the home it’s installed in was built 4 years later it’d be more likely that it was built after 1992. The only way to know for sure is to find the date of manufacture, which on these panels is usually somewhere on the wiring diagram (which is on the inside of the door).
#2: Most security panels have a circuit board that small: even so what they can do is often extremely impressive.
#3: That’s called a “keypad”, & I believe the model of it is “6128”.
#4: That might also be an electronic siren: sirens & speakers that use that design look identical from the outside. It might also not be the original Ademco version as many companies have rebranded it (it is if that indentation at the bottom says “ADEMCO” though).
#5: I have a motion sensor just like that one.