Security System with 4-Wire Smokes-What to replace it all with?

I have an old DSC alarm system also powering 11 smoke detectors in a home (2 story). I need to replace all the smoke detectors and willing to replace the panel as well. Each smoke has a sounder and the current panel reverses the polarity on alarm to make each detector sound for an event. I have done a lot of “learning” with this system and am comfortable wtih either installing a DSC or Vista 20.

What would you replace the entire system with? Stay with 4-wire smokes or switch to 2-wire smokes?

ps…I have called several local alarm/fire companies. The alarm companies are not familiar with 4-wire smokes (some did know 2-wire) and the fire companies focus on commercial.

I don’t think all security panels can support 2-wire detectors, so I guess for now just go with 4-wire if you can find them (an excellent choice for such an application if you ask me is System Sensor’s i3-series, specifically their 4WTA-B model, which has a built-in sounder for applications requiring such like residential).

The reason for that (security companies knowing nothing about 4-wire detectors) is probably because 2-wire is basically the norm nowdays (or at least everybody thinks it is, I don’t see anything wrong with 4-wire detectors though & neither do some manufacturers like System Sensor who still make them).

Any panel recomendations? I have a vista 20p i made work wth my existig 4-wire smokes but it was a bit convoluted. I need a new panel and keypads regardless so if something works better with 4-wire smokes i could switch.

You’re welcome!

To be honest I’m not very familiar with security panels so I’m not sure I can help you there. I think most panels support 4-wire smoke detectors though.