Selling most of my collection!

Hey everyone! Destin (thesdx) here. I’m going to be selling most of what’s left of my fire alarm collection. As you may already know, my interests have moved on to other things and it’s getting difficult to find a place to store them. I sold off a good portion of my collection years ago, but still have almost 150 devices and four panels. I’m going to be keeping about 25 of my favorites and possibly one panel.

First up are panels. I have two complete demonstration boards that I will sell in their entirety to someone who can arrange for pickup. One is a Simplex 4010 + 4003 and the other is Gamewell-FCI 7100. Both are fully functioning systems with no problems. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and would be willing to meet you halfway within a 50 mile radius. If you’re interested, DM me your offer and we’ll talk. Otherwise, I will be listing everything individually soon.

I also have the Honeywell FS90, which is gigantic and probably not very in demand. I’m thinking of keeping it since it took me years to find one and I actually have a place to store it, but if that’s something you’re dying to have and would be willing to pick it up, let me know.

Next up are devices. I’m going to be listing them on eBay over the course of this week. Stay tuned to my eBay account.

DM me your offers!

Update: all the panels are currently on hold, but lots of devices are still available on eBay.

I’m sorry to hear that you feel you can’t keep your collection anymore Destin, was hoping you’d remain in semi-retirement much like NewAge. I went to your Ebay account though & there’s nothing there. Did everything get snapped up THAT quickly?

I put eBay on vacation mode this week while I’m busy finishing up some projects. All remaining items will be visible again next week.