Semi-Districtwide Upgrade in my local School System...


I just found out yesterday that all of the existing Honeywell-conglomerate and EST fire alarm systems in my school district will be replaced by Siemens systems by the end of August 2018, and the mass upgrade is already underway. All of the existing Cerberus Pyrotronics, Siemens, and Simplex systems will remain in service, except for one.**

First, The Fire-Lite MS-5210UD system at my former middle school (I’ve discussed this system before) has already been replaced by a Siemens FireFinder XLS with zone conversion modules. All the existing devices are still in use (RSG RMS-1Ts, System Sensor 1451s, Cerberus Pyrotronics DI-3s/\34/34T horns, System Sensor P2Rs, MC-S17-Fs, Wheelock AS-241575-FR) and there is now at least one Potter PSN-106 to run the NACs, one of which is directly above the FireFinder XLS. Also, the fault-ridden Silent Knight IFP-2000 at my former high school (again, discussed before) has been completely replaced with a FireFinder XLS with HMS-D pulls, H-Series smoke sensors, as well as ZH-MC-R/ZH-MC-CR horn/strobes and ZR-MC-R/ZR-MC-CR remote strobes.

I’ve been told that the 6th grade middle school (also previously discussed) will have its Fire-Lite MS-5UD replaced with a Siemens SXL-EX in June. All existing addressable systems under this umbrella will be completely replaced with FireFinder XLS systems, and the conventional systems will have their panels replaced with either SXL-EX panels or FireFinder XLS panels using zone modules (like the first system above).

**The only existing Cerberus Pyrotronics system to be replaced will be a 1994 IXL system in an old (1950s) elementary school that is being completely renovated and expanded within the next year. The system will most likely be a Siemens FireFinder XLS or a Siemens Cerberus PRO.

I know our districts aren’t even close but not only have they already replaced all the old MTLs, U-MMTs, and other alarms at my west high school building with the ZH series in 2015, but it seems like they’re replacing the alarms AGAIN with a possible Emergency Alert System (two wrapped Amber remote strobes currently) next year for both of the buildings (other one is mostly 9846s on 9105s and separate 9105s). If they do replace all the alarms, then it’s probably voice evac, evidence pointing to how far they’re extending the school.

You should try to get your hands on some of that old equipment. Some of it sounds really cool/interesting.

As of now, most of the interesting (conventional system) stuff is staying in place as they’re only replacing the control panels. The devices in the systems that are being completely overhauled are mostly SpectrAlerts and BG-12s :? The only halfway-interesting system that is completely coming down is that 1994 Cerberus Pyrotronics IXL, which has MSI-10B pulls, ILI smokes, and EHM-D//SVMT-F signals (Wheelock EH-DL1-WM-24//WMT-24)

My district (Volusia County Schools) has a number of fire alarm upgrade projects coming up at a number of schools (including my third and last elementary school), with one of them also getting an intercom replacement.

Recently, the district completed a fire alarm/intercom replacement project at Edith I Starke Elementary in Deland, which previously had an Autocall fire alarm system with FCI MS-2 pulls and a mix of Wheelock, Gentex, and Federal Signal Horns and Strobes, had its system replaced with an EST-3 Fiber Optic fire alarm system with EST SIGA 278 pulls, along with Genesis and Integrity Horn/Strobes and Strobes, and your usual EST smoke and heat detector setup. This was a surprise as the district typically had used Notifier NFS-320 systems when they did upgrades between 2012 and recently.

What shocked me is that while current code requires EVAC in all areas of the school, they got away with using just horn/strobes.

A middle school in my district (Deland Middle) is getting its fire alarm and intercom system replaced, and will be using EVAC in the gym building and cafeteria/auditorium building (they currently have an Autocall system with an unknown EVAC panel in the gym). The Dukane intercom system is getting replaced too.

I’m interested in knowing exactly WHAT horns/strobes of Wheelock, Gentex and Federal Signal that they actually used.

I could imagine most of the schools around me should be getting panel replacements in a few years or so. Most of them all started off with Edwards 6500s or old Edwards coded box panels, & Single stroke bells, now around 2003-2005 they all got replaced with Mircom FX-2000 systems. I have replaced many Mircom panels because of power issues (turning on and off by itself).

MTs, Commander 2s, 450D+VALS from what I saw on Twitter. Pulls were FCI MS-2s.

Looks like a lot of electronic horns that one would be expected to find when they are going through an upgraded building where the signals are replaced. The only one that stands out from that list is the 450D+VALS.

Hi All!

I know this is a major topic bump, but the district-wide upgrades are pretty much complete.

All of the smaller schools with addressable Honeywell or EST systems now have Siemens Cerberus PRO FC922 fire alarm systems. The larger schools with addressable Honeywell or EST now have Siemens FireFinder XLS systems. Peripherals across the addressable board are HSM-D pulls, H-Series smoke and heat sensors, ZH horn/strobes and ZR remote strobes. One school in particular actually has Siemens NS-MC-CR horn/strobes (Wheelock NS-24MCC-FR–these are still OEM’ed for Siemens) instead of ZH-MC-CR’s replacing System Sensor PC2R’s.

All of the conventional Honeywell systems are now replaced by Siemens SXL-EX or FireFinder XLS panels, the latter of which are equipped with zone conversion cards. My former middle school has seen some upgrades in devices as well; there are new Siemens MBDC-10 (Wheelock MB-G10-24R) bells and ST-75-WP (Wheelock RSSWP-2475W-FR) strobes in the outdoor commons area. There are also two new Siemens ZH-MC-CR horn/strobes in the renovated band room, with ZR-MC-CR strobes in the two attached practice rooms. These are replacing the Wheelock AS-241575-FR horn/strobe that was at the back of the room. The rest of the signals (see original post on this thread) are still intact.

As for that elementary school in the original post that is being renovated and expanded, the IXL system is still currently active. The addition and renovation is scheduled to be completed August 2019, and the new system is definitely going to be a Siemens FireFinder XLS. The peripherals will more than likely be the typical HMS-D pulls, H-Series smokes, and ZH/ZR signals.

Did you ever find out any more info on the supposed end of the Erie fire alarm system such as are they cutting off all fire alarm service to the industries that use master boxes?

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