Sensitivity on Simplex 4100U

Any one here know the command on how to get the sensitivity out of a 4100u using the hyper-terminal? I know there is a command that will give you all the smoke detectors sensitivity levels, but i can’t for the life of me remember what it is.

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I’ve never HyperTerminaled to a 4100U panel but I know of at least two people on here who can answer your question.

Is this in a building and you’re working on the system or are you a collector and you somehow got ahold of a 4100U system?

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Default sensitivity with the 4100U is 2.5%. I’ve never personally changed the sensitivities through Hyper-terminal, but I have changed the sensitivities while being logged in at level 3, pending on how the Tech programmed access levels. You can change the sensitivity to as low as .5%—>5%.

This is a system we are working on. I need the sensitivity levels of each device and i do not have the programmer. I used to work for simplex however I have moved to a new company. When i worked for them i had seen some techs pull the current sensitivity from the panel via the hyperterminal, but I do not remember what the hyperterminal command was.

I believe I have found the answer to my question. I’m going to try the commands TASERV for TrueAlarm service report and TASTAT for TrueAlarm status report. hopefully these are the commands i’m looking for. Sorry about posting the topic in the wrong forum. I’m quite new to posting in forums. thanks