September 4th on Cape Cod…

…and I have to resort to this:

(Open in YouTube)
It’s quite cold for Cape Cod tonight…

Get an Instagram account, please.

These pointless posts are not only irritating to many users, but it just unnecessarily clogs up the forums and that’s pretty disrespectful to the people who run and maintain this site, in addition to the pros and others who rely on this site for true assistance in this industry. Especially considering several moderators have told you multiple times to cut it out.

This is not the fire alarm portion of the forums, and I was saying it is cold enough here in Cape Cod for a fire.

I’m not sure what it is on the cape right now, but inland a bit, its not really all that cold…

Is 58° Fahrenheit really all that cold that one needs a fireplace during the summer? :roll:

For a house with no AC with windows open for circulation, yes.

Where I am at right now it’s way colder and I’m not complaining… x3