Severe NFPA 101 code violation at my school

In the high school gym I was in PE the day I posted this
And I was defending our goal from the ball and I look to my left and see a emergency light hanging off the wall by a few wires
And then in the middle school gym there’s a malfunctioned emergency light that won’t shut off
I have a picture of the middle school gym one but not the high school

Yikes. We have areas that have very bad emergency lighting. And by that I mean none.

That’s silly but also not good AT ALL

Yeah. I made a big deal about that, but yet the main hallway on the first floor still doesn’t have any backup lighting.

I remember my high school didn’t have any backup lighting other than the exit signs it had. Even the speaker/bell system and fire alarm system won’t work without its AC power.

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:grimacing: yikes. How have they been able to keep the system like that?

That is a good question
If the company that installed the system came and inspected everything that place would’ve gotten shut down almost instantly

I fixed the emergency light in the high school gymnasium while the teacher wasn’t looking, since it was a few feet off the bleachers and I could reach it I put it onto its bracket, tested it and it worked perfectly, I just hope somebody doesn’t hit it with a frisbee or something again and knock it off

yeah, my church has a haunted house event every year, and this year i banned them from hanging decorations on fire extinguishers and covering up exit signs.

That’s actually pretty smart if they don’t even know they aren’t supposed to do that

It sounds like they need to put some sort of guard around it or something.

In my sophomore year going to my Highschool, for homecoming in one area of the building they taped the decorations to one of the speaker strobes. There is still residue from the adhesive on the strobe to this day.

But that probably belongs in another topic. At my middle school though, in the gym some of the emergency lights definitely aren’t working, at least one of them was unplugged, and the clear cover in front of it had been broken.

Agreed. They had to put guards up in my gym after kids started purposely destroying them.

That sounds about like what kids would do.

Matter of fact on youtube theres a video of 3 teenagers headbutting a exit sign and completsly destroying it

The first one is sad, the school kept on fixing it just for it to be getting ripped completely off the ceiling

at my school the emergancy lighting looks like one of the regular lights. My middle school had these too.

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Well from what I understand, there should be some of the lights that have the nPP16ER modules on them. The lights are from Acuity, and are controlled by nLight. Some of our lights have those power packs, but it seems that they forgot to put those in on the 1st floor main hallway lights.