Shiloh's collection

starting on the top is my BRK SA-68 smoke detector that I accuired from a church building that my family purchased the second row i have my BRK 9120b that I got from my friend @kalebalarms then I have my commander three strobe that I got for my 18th birthday in the third row I have my FCI-MS7 (rebranded BG-12) that I got for christmas Then I have my EST EG1RF-HDVM horn strobe (Broken) that I got during the pandemic as my first NA then there is my EST Sigga bought at the same time as the Genisis. then there is my Exit sign (only the face plate is shown) that came from the same place as the Smoke detector.

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Very nice collection you have so far! Keep going & I’m sure you’ll have much more!

Note: it’s actually “SIGA”.

I have some new stuff
I got lithonia lighting emergancey light/exitsign combo
wheelock CH-DF1-WS-24
EST Integrity (Broken strobe)
EST Siga pull station
(not shown) MS-7 pull station
and a first alert 9120b (also not shown)
and I have a Gentex commander 3 strobe
and 2 exit sighns and their face plates

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