Should gas stations and convenience stores have fire alarms?

It’s time to rethink about fire safety in gas station. When there’s a fire, there should be a fire alarm.

I think they would do perfectly well with that honeywell siren or a system sensor “smoke” alarm, but nothing else more. The only times i would consider a convenience store to get a system is if it’s big enough. I don’t know why a gas station itself would need alarms considering it’s all outside.

In my opinion, it all has to do with occupancy. If we’re talking an average-sized roadside BP, Shell, or Holiday-esque convenience store, I’d say generally a full fire alarm system would be overkill since these places wouldn’t typically meet standard occupancy or space requirements to warrant a full commercial fire alarm system. For some larger convenience “markets” that stock groceries and sometimes even have restaurants or gift shops inside (like Wawa or Kwik Trip, for example), it’s a different story. From experience these places can get super crowded, especially if it’s a truck stop off of a busy highway, and with the added risk of fire that comes with having a restaurant on the premises, I’d say a fire alarm system would generally be not only a good idea but probably warranted (and indeed most newer convenience markets I’ve seen do have fire alarm and sprinkler systems).

Buc-ee’s has fire alarms, do they?

Agreed! A Ademco small fire/burg combo would work great with gas stations. It would be ok for a large system to installed in places like Quik-Trip and if a 7-11 was built in a building WITH an alarm system already installed!

The local gas station that we go to has two classic SpectrAlerts with one being outside and one being inside but that is because the station also serves as a convenience store where you can get food which has been kept hot on hot plates as well as a Dunkin’ Donuts.

My Local Quik-Trip has Notifier NBG-10s, a conventional notifier panel, Wheelock MTs set on bell, and Wheelock RSS’s.

You heard it go off at one point?

Yeah, Some worker burned some pizza in the QT Kitchen (A small cafe) and it set of a smoke in the kitchen.

Ah so it seems like there is a minor small restaurant in the gas stations down south. That is so cool! When we went down south to visit my sister we stopped at a gas station that actually had a shower in it. I thought that was neat.

Yep. Down here in Gaston 98% of gas stations have places to eat!

What about having their own showers? :lol:

Most gas stations in my area have convenience stores, thought some do not. All the convenience stores had fire alarm systems. But those little shacks, I’ve seen very few with alarms on them.

In my opinion, all gas stations should have some sort of fire alarm system on the building, even if its a little shack. I believe that there should be a system that shuts the pumps off if there is smoke or fire detected close enough to the fueling area.

Yeah. That sounds new! QT has an EMERGENCY shower because of all the gas and other chemical goodies for sale.

I don’t know of any gas stations in my area that have convenience stores with actual sit down restaurants in them however some do serve hot food.

I don’t know of any gas station or convenience store in my area that has a fire alarm system. No sprinklers either. They just have fire extinguishers and a emergency shut off button for the pumps.

Well I was in South Carolina going to Tennessee so it might not have been in North Carolina that the restaurant and shower was in. Also its possible it could have been a rest stop.