should i get it?

i am looking at this ms5ud-3 used but i asked the guy if the programming code changed on it or not but he wont tell me what do you guys thank it is 236.00 on ebay for buy it now should i get it

A bit cheaper than getting one retail but still quite expensive, IMO.

Someone on here who has an MS-5UD or UD3… is there a way to reset the installer code in case it got changed?

I have an MS-5UD3, the default code is (removed by admin, see below) if it has been changed, THERE IS NO WAY TO RESET IT!!!

Yeah I know the default code is but that was my concern whether the default code has been changed to one of his personal codes and that he will not tell me

Andrew, sorry about that!

once the code has been changed, theres NO WAY TO CHANG IT BACK!

ok thanks he said that is is new and mountaded on the wall and then took down due to upgrade. then he also said that the code is defalt so again thank you for your help so expet a firelite ms5ud in my system