Show your current fire alarm setup

If you have a mini system with a pull station and alarm(s) no panel or smoke detector(s)
Or a full setup with smoke detectors, panels, alarms, pulls
We want to see what your current one is
It would be preferable if you attached images

My current mini setup I have up right now
My simplex 2099

My system sensor P2W

And my system sensor L series strobe in the bathroom next to my bedroom

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Well, here’s what I got going on…


I don’t have much to say other than this panel in particular has been driving me insane lately.

useless rambling filler

While I don’t have a good Pic of the whole mess, I had a Novar/Esser EO 2000 (which looks like an EST SIGA-PS smoke detector) and Chubb C.scan-O+ connected to test, the EO2000 does register an alarm but despite that the panel doesn’t react at all, whereas the Chubb triggers an alarm as soon as it detects smoke!

And apparently it seems that my EO2000 base is cactus… There’s normally a PCB that lies under the smoke head, but on mine it’s missing, I don’t have any good pictures of said PCB, on the visible side, there’s no traces that I can see, and the other face, there is no known picture of it… Sigh.

This is my little system. It’s not finished yet, but it does what it’s supposed to do.

The panel on the side is just a placeholder for the one I’m still working on.

I also replaced my EST Genesis in the attic with my fake SpectrAlert Classic, but this will probably soon be replaced with a System Sensor MASS non ADA Remote Strobe.

New thorn Firequest 100 I got for about 12 dollars. Anyone know what year this is from?


Cool, I say 1985-1987!

I changed a few things in my attic and also have two new alarm locations.

On the wooden slat there is now my eBay callpoint instead of the VES Pull Station and a 3D printed couch remote light instead of the fake SpectrAlert Classic.

The Fake SpectrAlert Classic and my VES Pull Station have now moved one room further.


Where did you find that 3d printed couch lamp?

I believe it’s the light only version here: Simplex 4050-80 Fire Alarm Light Replica by SafetyNetGRG - Thingiverse

Here’s my setup

NAs : 2901-9806, 2901-9845/4903-9105.
ID’s : System Sensor 1400, Simplex 4251-111.

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Those vintage devices look relatively new. They’re pretty rare to find nowadays.

Excuse the mess, but I don’t really have much space in my room, so I had to throw it haphazardly on my bed while I’m tidying up the rest of my room.

The panel is a GE Interlogix FP512A (which itself is a rare rebrand of a Finsécur Baltic 512 with the UGA/CMSI card), attached to it is a Finsécur Némo-112A addressable call point.

The sounder is a Proteg 400A.

I promise I’ll get a better picture as soon as I can.

Edit: Better picture of the panel, yes the LCD is broken, part of why I got this FACP for cheap, but at the very least, on the programming software I have the option of having a remote display interface… Thankfully Finsécur’s programmer software is freely available.


Why does that sounder look like a KAC sounder @Alexis_T

The 9806 is close to mint, the 9845 is decent but not almost mint.

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I believe it’s based on one, just that Proteg got rid of the tone switch to only keep the AFNOR NFS32001 tone and the continuous tone if you swap the polarity around.

I’d love to find the original KAC version, maybe one day…

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I think some of the older large buildings in europe might still have the original KAC sounders although Croatia has a lot that are common.

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It is one, just made specially for french regs.

Nice setup! didnt know that aritech used finsecur. also nice KAC sounder. those kac sounders arent easy to find on ebay but i found one for cheap for €15 SIRENA STANDARD INCENDIO EMA1224BR NSR3/R | eBay

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How do you that its quite common here lol. I find them disappearing more. Slovenia is absolutly full of them and hungary also has a few which is nice.