Shunt trip Wiring with Monitor Module and MR101

Hello All,

I’m working with a Simplex 4100 however that shouldn’t really matter as it should be the same or similar on all systems. I need to figure out how to wire the Shunt trip in with a monitor module and a mr101 with AC power and all yhat. I have done it before however it’s been a while and I’m a little foggy on the specifics. Could anyone help me with a possible wiring diagram or a link that I can reference?


Does this help?

I found it on this site>

<LINK_TEXT text=“Fire Alarms Online: March 2015 | NICET Practice Tests and Answers … Codes.html”>Elevator Shunt Trip Requirements and Codes | Fire Alarms Online</LINK_TEXT>

Kinda lol it’s a little tricky to read I’ll figure it out thanks for your help