Siemen's Light Sensing Pull Station

I happened to come across this patent today, and I thought it was pretty interesting, as well as a good idea. If I understood everything correctly, it’s a pull station that, if the light surrounding it gets too dark, it will illuminate itself. I wonder if/when Siemens will put it to use.

Why can’t they just use luminous paint? And didn’t Siemens close it’s fire alarm division?

Anyway, neat find!

Well, they at least closed their manufacturing division, and just use Wheelock’s N/As now.

They nowadays just make their own panels. Typically they use RSG pulls, but Faraday (or someone else) makes the non-RSG Pulls for them.
I think Faraday still makes industrial-signaling devices though, according to this:

They just don’t make signals designed for use as a fire alarm anymore. Sounds more like they went the Federal Signal route in this case (Federal makes their own general/industrial signals, but for fire alarm signals they rebrand Potter’s signals.)

The only thing Siemens doesn’t manufacture anymore is notification appliances. All of their panels, pull stations (except the RSG model), smoke and heat detectors, and related accessories are still made in-house.

This looks like it would be an interesting concept…

I thought Faraday made the pulls and smoke/heat sensors for Siemens? And that Siemens only makes their own panels and addressable modules for the pulls and detectors.

In Canada, Siemens also rebrands Mircom FA-100/1000 panels as the TXL series.
BTW, has anyone else seen Siemens branded EST devices such as the pull station pictured (pic is from a past eBay auction)?

Sorry for the double post; I had a problem with the image size. I hope this one works better.

It’s actually the other way around. Pyrotronics had been making the MS-series pull stations and DI-series sensors long before they had any association with Faraday.

Ah. But like I said, it looks like Faraday still makes general/industrial-signaling devices (they still make their own AC-electromechanical horns with the old 6120/9838-style grille):

They just don’t make fire alarm notification appliances anymore.

Yes, I think I may have seen some Siemens branded EST SIGA cone-shaped detectors when I was at one of the terminals at the Chicago O’Hare Airport during my trip to Illinois last year.

It seems like a good idea, that way in places like movie theaters, people will know where the fire alarms are.

That’s a great idea too. I remember at Showcase Cinemas, I never realized they actually had pull stations in the theaters until last November (they had one at each fire exit), when I noticed a reflective-looking Stopper II cover next to an emergency exit with a Simplex 2099-9761 pull underneath (Simplex 4100 voice-evac system.) Each theater also has four speaker/strobes and at least four TrueAlarm smoke detectors.

Usually in cinemas I see, they may only have alarm signals and/or smoke detectors in the theater rooms, but Showcase Cinemas is much newer, which explains why they have pulls in the theaters as well.

I’ve heard of a theater on this forum that didn’t even have alarm signals in the theater rooms, just outside in the hallways.

There’s a theater nearby that doesn’t have any visable signals. Just pulls, maybe smokes…I don’t remember. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. I just remember never seeing any signals.

Are you talking about in the theater rooms, or are you saying that they don’t even have signals in the hallways?

I went to a movie theater that had fire alarms, it was only a BG-12. It was pulled and no alarms sounded. In fact, there wasn’t any!

You mean like there were no NAs at all? How can that even be possible?

My local Sears is like that. There’s a pull station, but no NAs. It’s strange.