Siemens rebranding EST equipment

Yes, and both companies are now owned by United Technologies.

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And previously, EST was owned by General Electric.

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Major bump here… but after a lot of digging I finally figured out how this happened and why they ended up rebranding a direct competitor’s products.

Siemens-branded EST equipment is a holdover from back when Landis & Gyr - a Swiss company with several divisions, including building control - dabbled into the fire alarm market in the US with rebranded EST/FAST equipment. Landis & Gyr had started operating in the US when it acquired Powers (a Chicago-based building control company) in the 1980’s, and would sometimes use “Landis & Gyr Powers” cobranding.

In the mid-1990’s, Landis & Gyr was bought by another Swiss conglomerate known as Elektrowatt. Elektrowatt also owned Cerberus.
Interesting details (available in German only - if you need a translation, go to DeepL which has a reasonably-effective PDF translation option):

Elektrowatt would be purchased by Siemens just a few years later. (A few more years later, the non-building divisions of Landis & Gyr - such as utility meters - would be spun off from Siemens.)
Interesting details:

There is a landis and gyr rebranded siga-278 on eBay for $179 bucks, the front of the box says , landis and Staefa, but it says landis and gyr on the pull station it’s self