Siemens rebranding EST equipment

The doctors office that I go to has an est system REBRANDED by Siemens. The annunciator says Siemens “apogee life safety” on it. I did not take any pictures, but the annunciator was an EST 3 annunciator rebranded by them. The pull stations were also rebranded by Siemens, same with the smoke detectors.

I wanted to know if anyone has ever seen this kind of rebrand by Siemens before. I believe this system must’ve been installed before 2008 when wheelock sued Siemens since I saw a wheelock NS horn strobe inside the building.

I think I remember seeing Siemens rebranded SIGA series detectors somewhere in Chicago O’Hare Airport, but I’m not 100% sure on that (only been there for one trip back in 2011)…

IIRC this is because Siemens bought Landis & Gyr.

An eBay search does show some Siemens-branded EST equipment. How long ago was this? Does it predate Siemens buying Cerberus Pyrotronics/Faraday? I know Honeywell used to rebrand EST equipment before they bought Pittway.

The place where I saw this setup must’ve been put in before 2010 since there are wheelock NS horn strobes in there, unless they were left from an old system. The annunciator does say Siemens on it, for the record. There is also an old simplex system from the 90’s with simplex 2901-9845s and simplex 4903-9105 strobes plates. The system is probably a 4100 considering the buildings size, or unless it’s hooked up to the EST 3 (Siemens rebranded).

This may have happened before Siemens purchased Cerberus Pyrotronics. Honeywell rebranded the EST 3 for a time, and it seems to be in the right timeframe.

Siemens AG purchased both Cerberus Pyrotronics and Faraday in 1996-1997 to form the Siemens Life Safety branch. This predates the EST3 by around 5-7 years.As for Landis & Gyr, one of the larger hospitals in my state (High Point Regional Medical Center) has a HUGE Honeywell system (EST3) with Landis & Gyr rebadged EST SIGA-278 and FCI MS-2 pulls and Siemens-branded EST SIGA detectors. Signals are EST Integrity and Genesis lines, all voice evac. For the record, the now-defunct FAST (which became EST) used rebadged FCI pulls and devices before Edwards arrived on the scene.

According to Wikipedia, Siemens AG bought Landis & Gyr in the late 1990s and sold them in 2004. My guess is that since Landis & Gyr had been rebranding FAST and EST equipment since before the Siemens buyout, Siemens AG just allowed them to continue using EST devices under the Siemens badge for backwards compatibility purposes. As we know, Siemens/Pyrotronics addressable equipment is in NO WAY compatible with EST.

From what I remember Mission of Space in Epcot at Walt Disney World has a Siemens rebranded EST3 with Integrity and Genesis horns. Siemens logos on EST pull stations and smokes. Disney World, from what I remember, mostly has Siemens/CP systems.

A museum near me has an A*T rebranded EST 3, ADT logos are on the SIGA-PS and pull stations. It has genesis speaker strobes.

Also I did forget to mention that there were also a few EST SIGA-PS detectors on the system.

here’s a picture of a Siemens rebranded EST detector

The EST 3 came out in July 1996.

Finally got a chance to take a couple of pictures of the annunciator and the main pull station, had a doctors appointment and here they are!


Pull station

The notification appliances are wheelock NS horn strobes and Siemens CH-MC-W chime strobes.

now was the Wheelock label on the NS horn/strobes covered by a Siemens label?

Nope, as is

saw one of these a couple of years ago travelling in Eugene Oregon

Oh cool, btw I had to manually fix the image URL since you incorrectly posted it.

Did it say anywhere on the panel APOGEE Life Safety on it?

No, pretty sure I would’ve noticed that

After doing some research, Siemens APOGEE is an automation system designed for building safety, but mostly building energy efficiency.

i remember that est was owned by otis