Siemens SXL-EX compatible smoke detectors

We recently completed an annual fire alarm system inspection of a Siemens SXL-EX system. We need to replace 18 smokes that failed sensitivity and 18 heats that are expired. These are small systems for a 20 Unit apartment complex. Each system consists of 3 pull stations, 1 smoke, 1 heat and a few horn strobes. The part # of smoke currently installed is the PE-11 with DB-11 base. The heat detectors are an older 135 degree fixed temp (not a Cerberus, Pyro or Siemens device, our pic looks like a Chemetron). The Siemens replacements are very expensive.

We use the System Sensor 2W-B smoke and the 5601P heat detector quite often as device replacements for other manufacturers but we don’t see a lot of Siemens equipment. Does anyone know if the system sensor smoke and heat will work with the SXL-EX Fire Control Panel?

SXL was discontinued some time ago. Here’s a link to the listed compatible devices:

I think the 2-WB’s will work but they may not be cross listed. The newer smokes that will fit in the DB-11 base are OP-121. From what I found searching, the smokes are about $50 USD each.

Thanks for the intel! We will quote the OP-121 smoke detectors for the PE-11 replacements.