Siemens ummt/umhu tone question

Why can’t you find any Siemens UMMT/UMHU on youtube that has pulse code/march time? All the device showcases have all the audio except pulse codes. My school has pulse code and I’ve seen 2 other videos that have pulse code for their Siemens. If I could get an answer that would be great!

It’s not a tone setting on the alarm, so your school sets the horn strobes to continuous, and then code them with the panel

Thx. Do you know how to code it with the panel? Is it ez or hard?

It’s different with every panel, and I don’t own a panel so unfortunately I won’t be able to tell you.

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Alr ty. So the only way to get pulse is by setting them to continuous then doing panel stuff. Thx!

step 1: throw away the siemens device which is just a wheelock MT knockoff.
step 2: buy a wheelock MT, which can be coded to march time with a continuous power supply.

The thing is that I don’t got any of them

Don’t force him to throw away the UMMT we need him to experiment it. Not all fire alarm devices have march time built into them.

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The siemens model 2700 remote strobe is kind of a knockoff of the rss but the UMMT or whatever model is related to the UMMT looks completely different from the MT. Also, Faraday originally made them. Siemens is now stuck making wheelock devices.

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I don’t got a UMMT, I was just wondering so I came here cuz y’all are smarter than me.

it is not a matter of appearance.

My college had a dorm with U-MMTs on pulse. Panel was an MXL-IQ/MXL

do u have any videos or no

I don’t unfortunately

Then how is it a ripoff?